Preserving the artist's heritage
Marie Ulmer
Interviewed in 2012
Sponsored by University of the Arts
Sara Hanlon, Intern
Rob Kates, Videographer
Mary Phelan, Advisor

“Ever since I can remember all I ever wanted to do is draw.” “I drew myself a lot since I was always there in the mirror.”   Marie Ulmer

Marie was born on August 31, 1917. Ms Ulmer is a graduate of Kensington High School. She was awarded a scholarship from the School of Industrial Arts and graduated in 1941.
Marie served as an illustrator at the Free Library of Philadelphia for thirty (30) years.
Ms Ulmer has a rich history of association with notable artist in the past and the present.
She traveled throughout the United States and Europe. Her souvenirs were the enduring life long friends, acquaintances and inspiration. She has many young artist friends and acquaintances today.
Ms Ulmer artistically expresses herself through pastels, watercolor, India ink, prints, silkscreen, ceramics, jewelry, poetry and photography.
Marie continues in the present to exhibit her art in local galleries.
The University of the Arts hosted an exhibition in her honor in September 2009.
Ms Ulmer was honored and presented with citations from Philadelphia City Council and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, The House of Representatives, at the “First Ladies of Fishtown/Kensington” First Friday exhibition, which was held at the Goldfish Gallery on September 2, 2011.

Most recent exhibitions:

Artist House Gallery December 2011
Art in City Hall November 2011
Arcadia Boutique September 2011
Goldfish Gallery September 2011
Seraphin Gallery June 2010
University of the Arts September 2009
Bambi Gallery April 2009
Rembrandt Restaurant May 2009
Quince Fine Food 2009
Proximity Gallery June 2009
LNC Gallery June 2009

Journey Home Gallery March 2006