Preserving the artist's heritage
Artists Video Theater
SAI began producing video documentaries of recognized Philadelphia region visual artists in 1999 through its Inventory & Oral History Project, which ended in 2108. During that period the oral histories of 100 artists were video recorded.  In 2019 SAI initiated two new video programs to continue preserving the heritage of artists in our region.

The Featured Artists Program and the Museum Video Project videos will published on this website as they are completed. 

Artists and Museum interested in learning more abou the programs should click on the corresponding link in the navigation bar to the left. Those interested in participating in either program should email us through the Contact link.

To access our videos please select a link below.
Museum Video Program Videos

Delaware Art Museum

Edward Loper, Jr.: watch on Vimeo

Mitch Lyons:watch on Vimeo

Margo Allman: in production

Helen Masom: in production
Featured Artists Program Videos

Diane Levell: in production

Diane Pieri: in production

Inventory & Oral History Project Videos

Access the one hundred videos from 1999 through 2018 please follow this link.